Myles Away is located on Crescent Lake in Unity / Acworth New Hampshire.  Our street address is:  30 Lake Road, Unity NH 03772.  However not all GPS / Phones will find this address.  You can sometimes locate us using:  30 Lake Road, Newport, NH 03773 OR try Lake Road, Newport NH (no house number) .  On occasion your GPS may try to send you to Crescent Lake Road, while on the same lake, this is not the same as Lake Road.

Once in the area follow these directions:  Coming from 2nd NH Turnpike / Lempster Street head southwest on N Shore Rd.   In approx 1/2 miles turn left onto Anderson Rd.  Travel another (approx) 1/2 mile and turn right onto Lake Road.  Lake Road will curve around to the left.  #30 is marked with a large “Myles Away” sign.



And to help you out, just look for the “Myles Away” signs